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You are worried for their homes ( damaged , leaking permeability , cracked walls , ... ) or to repair the house, renovate , paint the house , newly expanded to expand , as the water system ... and worry do not know how expensive ?
  Or you can be a real estate investor , wants to renovate refresh apartment , your home for resale at a higher price ...
  For each of your request , our staff will receive immediate and direct consultation by phone or in person at work to survey
  When it comes to home repair service package Construction Company UDC you can completely satisfied with the aesthetic quality , quality of materials , construction progress , .. And we always reliable address for your choice
   Professional Workflow in implementing and ensuring the quality of work and progress cong.Khac with new construction , repairs and renovation required to examine very carefully the status quo , then here are the steps of our work
You call , or to direct the company .
    1. We surveying , consulting , and making plans , estimates for your selection .
    2. Unified plans , estimates and contracting .
    3. We deploy , implement repair services .
    4. Accept and hand it over to you .
    5. Make guaranteed under the terms of the contract.


" OUT OF SERVICE REPAIR - considerate - not afraid not afraid FAR LESS off your mind "


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You do not find peace of mind for home repair services can negate damage to reputation ? Rest assured with the brand Repair HCM City , a team of engineers and skilled workers , friendly will not be afraid to even the less - not afraid to work remotely. The quick -service - attentive hearted " . Customer satisfaction is our goal ... .